4 Myths about Red Light Cameras

Florida drivers are noticing that they are encountering more traffic cameras.

These high-tech devices are meant to catch drivers in the act of an infraction like speeding, running a red light or failing to stop for an adequate time.

At Estrella Ticket Defense, we have traffic ticket attorneys Miami citizens call when they get a letter that has a picture of them allegedly breaking the law. Many drivers make the mistake of thinking that because the court has a picture, there is no reason to fight the ticket.

Any experienced Miami speeding ticket lawyer will argue that this is not the case. That’s why Estrella Ticket Defense wants to debunk four myths about red light cameras.

Myth 1: You’re Immediately Guilty

The court has a picture that allegedly shows you breaking the law, so you’re automatically guilty, right? Wrong. Red light cameras malfunction, and maybe it wasn’t even you behind the wheel. Other circumstances can contribute to your innocence. You need Estrella Ticket Defense to fight for you.

Myth 2: You Don’t Need to Worry If You Don’t Speed or Run Red Lights

Even cautious drivers may get a ticket from a red light camera when it makes a mistake. Don’t just pay that ticket.

Myth 3: Tickets From Cameras Don’t Show Up on Your Driver’s Record

If you pay within 30 days, then the ticket won’t go on your record. However, it will go on your record if you delay paying.

Myth 4: Failure to Stop Completely While Making a Right Turn Means You’re Automatically Guilty

The traffic ticket attorneys Miami drivers trust remind you that you don’t have to stop completely for a right turn if doing so is “reasonable and prudent.” You’ll need a qualified Miami speeding ticket lawyer from Estrella Ticket Defense to make this argument.

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