Month: December 2017

Speeding in a School Zone

Any Florida speeding ticket lawyer can tell you that citations are expensive.

This is especially true when a driver is stopped for speeding in a school zone. Every county takes these violations seriously. If you were pulled over for speeding in a school zone, then you need to talk to a traffic ticket attorney at Estrella Ticket Defense today.

Tickets for speeding in a school zone can be quite a bit more expensive than speeding tickets that are given elsewhere. This is because state law regards this infraction as a particularly serious one. When children are present, it is imperative that drivers slow down to the designated school speed limit, usually 15 miles per hour.

Speeding ticket : Fines Doubled

State law says that drivers can be fined $50 just for driving between one and five miles per hour over the speed limit. The fines skyrocket from there. It’s $100 for driving 10 to 14 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. If you drive more than 30 mph over the speed limit, your fine could be $250. Of course, these fines double in school zones. That means paying $100 for driving at one mile per hour over the speed limit in a school zone. If you’re driving 30 mph or more over the school speed limit, then you could be paying a fine of $500.

Additionally, points will accrue on your driving record depending upon how fast you were going. It’s not unusual to have three or four points added to your license for a speeding infraction. That may put you in danger of a license suspension. It also may mean that your insurance rates increase or that your policy may be canceled.

Let Us Help You

At Estrella Ticket Defense, a speeding ticket lawyer can get you the help you need if you have received a citation for speeding in a school zone. The fines for these infractions can be quite expensive. Moreover, the additional points on your driver’s license could be disastrous. Contact a traffic ticket attorney at Estrella Ticket Defense to learn more about how the charges against you could be reduced or dropped.

6 Things To Know About Traffic Tickets

Do you need a traffic ticket lawyer?

At Estrella Ticket Defense, we work hard to keep Florida drivers on the road. Part of the job of any speeding ticket lawyer is to educate the public about driving infractions and how they can affect your record. In fact, most people don’t realize that an unpaid ticket can affect their entire life in unexpected ways. If you have received a citation, then you need to speak with a traffic ticket attorney at Estrella Ticket Defense today.

Here are six things that everyone should know about traffic tickets.

1. Too Many Points Leads to Suspension

Did you know that if you get 12 points on your record in a 12-month period that your license could be suspended? A speeding ticket lawyer can attest that this is an extremely common problem for Florida drivers.

2. Toll Violations Are More Serious Than You Think

The state takes tolls seriously. If you fail to pay a toll when it is due, then you could be on the hook for triple the toll or even more. Some drivers may even have their privileges suspended over unpaid tolls.

3. You Can Dispute a Red Light Camera Ticket

Most drivers think that there’s no use fighting a red light camera ticket, but a speeding ticket lawyer knows otherwise. Cameras do make errors, and you can fight the citation.

4. Traffic Violations May Be Criminal Offenses

Most driving infractions result in a simple ticket, but others carry criminal charges. One of the most common of these is driving with a suspended license. Don’t put yourself in danger of being prosecuted in criminal court.

5. Your Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Take Care of Everything

When you hire a ticket lawyer, they can appear in court on your behalf. You can stick to your normal routine.

6. You Can avoid Points on Your Record

Do you have too many points? At Estrella Ticket Defense, we may be able to help you avoid any additional points your record. This may mean that your next citation won’t result in the suspension of your license.